Welcome Aboard...

Hello and welcome, my dear visitor, to Sea of Stars, the Lost Light Network, my home on the internet.

Once a graphics site that started in 2005, Sea of Stars now
serves as a collective of websites owned by Ani.

Here you'll find a host of different web projects, ranging from fansites to personal.
I invite you to take a look at both my current and upcoming projects, where I hope you'll find something that will
interest you.

While you're here, I also invite you to visit my other domain, durandal.nu.
I hope you'll enjoy your stay!

Captain's Log

03/11/16: Fixed some links
29/10/16: New layout, more sites added to network section
25/10/16: Organised subdomains, added under construction pages for sites that aren't yet open.
26/01/16: Stardust Atelier now has a location.
12/01/16: Server move
20/12/15: Launch